Facebook and the meaning of social media

Quite often now, I will read an interesting or provocative post on Facebook and when I scroll down to “like” it or add a comment of my own, I find that I cannot. The “like”, or more often the “comment” link, is simply not there.

I’m assuming this is due to some arcane user setting, where I am either not a friend of the person that made the original post, or they have set their privacy in such a way that non-friends cannot interact with them.

This is all fine and good, and I have no problem at all with people being able to adjust their privacy settings. After all, not everyone wants to hear my witty insights on the American political system for example…

The real issue here  is that Facebook keeps showing me things that I cannot interact with. For a “social media” app, it’s doing a pretty poor job at the “social” part. I really don’t care that I cannot interact with everyone on Facebook, but what really grinds my gears, is being deliberately shown things I cannot interact with!

gearsWhy bother showing it to me, if I can’t do anything with it? It makes no sense, and it’s just irritating. Perhaps Facebook should add a couple more checkboxes to its already overly-complicated user management tools that simply say:

[  ] Don’t show posts that I cannot “like”
[  ] Don’t show posts that I cannot comment on.

And then I would be happy. But as it is, I’m just waiting for the day when Facebook goes the way of myspace and something more useful takes its place.

Ello perhaps.

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