Once upon a time, a colleague and I were having a lengthy and energetic discussion regarding the merits of Microsoft Windows and some “other” operating systems. After way too much time slacking off and arguing by the watercooler, in exasperation he suggested that I was a “Windows Cheerleader”.

I’m sure he meant this as a final parting insult (in a friendly way of course!), but the comment struck a chord. After all, my entire career has been built upon Microsoft technologies in one form or another. I’ve been a professional software engineer since the days of MS-DOS and Windows 3.11, and Microsoft has really kept me employed since 1994. For all this time, Microsoft technologies have been supporting and enhancing my career, from Microsoft C++ 2.0 to C# and .NET, from MS-DOS to Vista (which, coincidentally, I actually happen to quite like), Microsoft has basically been paying my salary.

Oh, and before anyone brings that irritating penguin into the discussion, I’ve served time over there too, but I didn’t enjoy it much. Read the blog for more information…

So, after much procrastinating, I finally decided to start some kind of blog, from which to preach to the masses. (No I am not paid to do this, but since everyone else has a blog, I was feeling kind of left out).

2 responses to “About

  1. i ❤ windows

  2. I don’t mind Windows. I actually kind of like it. But I love the “other” operating system.

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