Sunrise Wallpaper
At the top of Mount Oso, in California, there is a Canon A60 digital camera looking East, towards the sunrise. Every day, the camera will take four high-resolution images of the sunrise, five minutes apart. The images are then posted to the web site, for use as desktop wallpapers.
Visitors can download the best image of the day and also leave comments for others to read. There is even a Windows (of course) client application that will automatically download and install the latest wallpaper every day.
Start Page Randomizer
The Start Page Randomizer gives your browser the ability to start up with a random page from a list of your favorite web sites.For the truly adventurous, you can choose to to be randomized to pages added by other users. Pick the categories you’re interested in, and see what shows up! The optional work-safe filter allows you to randomize your startpage with complete confidence and you can even choose whether to allow other users to see your pages or not.Simply create an account and add your favorite websites to your list to get started. Then, whenever you start a new internet browser (or click the “home” button), you’ll be redirected to one of the sites in your list – or if you like, somebody elses list!
The Code Project
After being a member of The Code Project since December 2002, I decided it was time to give something back to the community, so I published an article (there will be more to follow) based on some work I did for my employer.

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